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Electronic card repair – after sale services

The quality of our services and the reliability of our repairs are our daily goals.

For professionals, LDR Electronique meets all your problems: from the repair of electronic and electromechanical products to the overall management of the after sale service.

With over 20 years of experience, LDR Electronique evolves according to technologies and to clients, while capitalizing on the experience of each of its employees.

Electronic and electromechanical repair:

All means of technical and human interventions are to the service of your product.

Each product is put in a situation to diagnose any breakdowns on functional test bench, developed in-house or provided by the customer.
Once the failure is diagnosed, the intervention is made directly to the offending component.
The visualization, also valid the good repair and the overall functioning of the product.

After sale service:

Supporting partially or fully the after sale service of your products, LDR-Electronique responds to the issues:

  • Cost, with a competitive hourly rate,
  • Delays with the necessary responsiveness to your satisfaction and this of your customers.
  • Quality, through the ISO 9001 certification of qualified personnel and recognized know-how.
  • Resources through the technical and human resources provision.
  • Management, for the management of logistics and traceability through a database of all administrative and technical informations.

Thus, LDR Electronique suits your individual needs and your constraints. All solutions are designed to continuously improve your products and therefore to the satisfaction of your customers.

Their vocation:

  • Retention of these.
  • Improved profitability.
  • Development of your services panel.

With a proven and certified ISO 9001 V2008 process, each treated product is guaranteed during 3 months.


SAS LDR ELECTRONIQUE - Siren : 384 123 899 - Rue de la Creuse - 25440 - Quingey - Tél : +33 (0)3 81 63 88 11

LDR ELECTRONIQUE in Quingey (25 - Doubs), is specialized in cards, electronic and electromechanical subsets repair,
in variety of activities in France and Europe.