Réparation – SAV : De la réparation électronique/électromécanique à la gestion globale de votre SAV...

Prototypage – Petite série : LDR-ELECTRONIQUE fournit un service pragmatique et réactif...

Reconditionnement – Rétrofit : D’une opération de rétrofit à une campagne de reconditionnement...

Dévernissage – Vernissage : Dévernissage localisé ou total de cartes électroniques en environnement contrôlé...


The LDR Electronique know-how

Repair to the overall management of after-sales service

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Retrofitting, remanufacturing, refurbishment

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Prototypage, small series, integration

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paint removal, varnishing, cleaning

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From the reparation of your electronic cards to the overall management of your service, LDR Electronique, based on the outskirt of Besançon (Franche Comte Burgundy), is a key partner in improving your brand image and your flexibility.

A team of electronic, quality and computing technicians ensure the optimal quality on all the services offered.

Since 1992, LDR Électronique, provides professionals from France and Europe, his experience, skills and expertise in the fields of electronic and electromechanical to provide them customized solutions.

ISO 9001 certified since 1995, LDR Electronique have all the necessaries resources to ensure the highest quality for each of the services offered.

LDR Electronique also proposes to its customers a system of monitoring, traceability and feedback, accessible at any time on the customer area.

› Responsiveness, flexibility, confidentiality  

› Our target areas :

  • Outsourced management of your after sale services;
  • Batch electronic cards repair;
  • Retouching, Retrofits, Reworks;
  • Prototyping and assembly of small series in garnished basket.

More :

  • Guarantee of our service product
  • Ability to act on materials to CMS or through, ROHS and non-ROHS


  • 1992: Creation of LDR Electronique by 2 executive of the Schlumberger company (today PARKEON)
  • 1995: Implantation in the industrial area of la Blanchotte in Quingey(25440). ISO 9003 certification
  • 2000: ISO 9001 certification (2000 version)
  • 2004: Transformation of the legal form from LLC to SAS
  • 2007: Doubling of the building surface that passes to 500 m2.
  • 2010: ISO 9001 certification, 2008 version
  • 2012: Following the retirement of the 2 founders, the company was bought by 4 employees.

ISO 9001 quality

Since its installation in its new building, the LDR Electronique company decided to set up a quality approach which will lead to the ISO 9003 certification in 1995. Since then, the work done every day by staff and the quality technician, allow today the company to be certified by ISO 9001 (2008 version).

Moreover, an internal training program through the sponsorship allows the entire staff to be competent regardless of the subset on which it operates. The establishment of technical files combining data manufacturers, configuration of test benches and range control, allows repair process improvement and accuracy in the adjustments.

With their experience in the field of repair, technicians record every observation and information relating to perceived faults in our unit monitoring computer system.

We make available, to our customer, on our website, a monitoring information secure access service: reception, guarantee aspect, replaced components, the departure date of our premises, etc.

Ours resources

Material resources:

  • Sandblaster (microblaster);
  • Hot air station;
  • Soldering iron ROHS and non ROHS;
  • Desoldering pumps;
  • Electronic loads;
  • Analog and digital oscilloscopes;
  • Di-electric testers
  • Battery tester;
  • Multimeters;
  • Frequency counter; ;
  • Low frequency generator;
  • Database;
  • Electrical staff empowerment;

All our resources are calibrated periodically by a specialized and independent organism.

And humans:

An 8 experienced technician’s team. Quality and IT. They are listening to your needs.


LDR Électronique


Z.A La Blanchotte - 25440 QUINGEY
Tél : +33 (0)3 81 63 88 11


SAS LDR ELECTRONIQUE - Siren : 384 123 899 - Rue de la Creuse - 25440 - Quingey - Tél : +33 (0)3 81 63 88 11

LDR ELECTRONIQUE in Quingey (25 - Doubs), is specialized in cards, electronic and electromechanical subsets repair,
in variety of activities in France and Europe.