Réparation – SAV : De la réparation électronique/électromécanique à la gestion globale de votre SAV...

Prototypage – Petite série : LDR-ELECTRONIQUE fournit un service pragmatique et réactif...

Reconditionnement – Rétrofit : D’une opération de rétrofit à une campagne de reconditionnement...

Dévernissage – Vernissage : Dévernissage localisé ou total de cartes électroniques en environnement contrôlé...


LDR propose reconditioning and retrofit

From a retrofit operation to a workover campaign:

› A recovery, a retrofit, an evolution... :
Looking for solving a design error, a production problem, achieving a hard or soft improvement, etc..?
LDR Électronique offers to take over, according to your needs, all necessary operations for solving your problems.

› A workover campaign , renovation, refurbishment ... :
You want to extend the life of your products to ensure customer satisfaction?
You want to create a product stock for standard exchanges?
You don’t want to start a new production run ?
LDR Électronique offers an affordable, reliable and value-added solution:
The renovation and refurbishment of your electronic systems within our structure.

› Personalized solutions according to your needs…:
You are looking for a trusted provider that can meet your different expectations?
LDR Électronique offers its experience, expertise, responsiveness and adaptability to guide you in defining your specifications and solving your problems.


SAS LDR ELECTRONIQUE - Siren : 384 123 899 - Rue de la Creuse - 25440 - Quingey - Tél : +33 (0)3 81 63 88 11

LDR ELECTRONIQUE in Quingey (25 - Doubs), is specialized in cards, electronic and electromechanical subsets repair,
in variety of activities in France and Europe.